Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year








Jen + Jason

We always tell our couples, that by putting the emphasis on great experiences rather than things, you get not only great photos, but great memories as well. We love that Jen and Jason were all about this, with an emphasis on being present and enjoying the moment they were in.

There were plenty of examples I could pull out from this day, but I want to highlight three of them.

First: Nixon, Jen and Jason's son, loves trains; so post-ceremony we headed down to the Whanganui train yard where Nixon had space to run (kids will be kids!) and they could all play together.

Second: The Old Firestation was the perfect venue; great light, and great spaces for friends to catch up. And the industrial styled building really set the tone for a down-to-earth evening.

Third: Jen and Jason made time for themselves at sunset; so we hopped across to the nearby sanddunes (Jen just loves the ocean!). A wedding day can fly-by in a blur and we love that these two took the time to have a moment together and watch the sun set on their first day as wife and husband (and play a bit of kiss-and-catch on the beach)

Featured Vendors:

Bride’s Dress: Sally Eagle
Ceremony Venue: The Paddock
Reception Venue: The Old Fire Station
Hair and makeup: Belina from Xile hair by design
Florist : The Flower room
Transport: Marcus and Amy Musson of Wanganui
Catering: Jo Power of Essence Catering
Menswear: Barkers