Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year

About Us + Our Philosophy



These beliefs drive everything about our business. There is no other time in your life when all your loved ones will travel from anywhere on earth to celebrate with you. The feeling of having a room full of your favourite people is something that you want to carry with you forever. There's a thousand articles that will tell you about the latest colours and trends, but we think great weddings are all about great experiences: choose a fantastic location, lot's of food and drink, and most importantly make time to be with people you care about.

Your wedding is the beginning of one of life's greatest journeys - your life together. This day is a milestone you will look back on 10-20-30 years from now, maybe with kids, maybe even grandkids, and say 'this is where it all started for us'. Our heart is to capture the love, the sense of adventure and the excitement of this new thing. 

We are not Pinterest photographers, we are about the real; about great times in crazy places, about adventures and about love. If this connects with your soul - then let's chat.


Michelle + James

Wife + Husband
Cat Lover + Tech Geek

We've been a couple for 8 years, and got married in 2012. We are definitely about getting to know people. As we write this we've just had a week off and we've had so many lunches and dinners with people, and someone staying here like every night, and it’s been great. We've really enjoyed sharing meals and just talking about nothing important… but that’s kind of the point. Just being around people is really valuable. James naturally goes to really deep conversation, Michelle natural goes to the weirdest and most wonderful stories you've ever heard… but we love it –it’s all in the balance.

We've won some pretty cool awards; in 2015 Michelle won the NZ Classic Wedding Photographer of the Year and James won the Creative category at the NZIPP Iris awards. We feel pretty lucky and incredibly blessed, but we don’t believe these awards are an end in themselves. What we do love is how they've opened up the ability to meet and network really cool people and how they've inspired trust from our couples to make work that matters.

Lastly, we love our cat, Simone… (Cats are just so cute, we just love them!) She’s a feisty little ginger girl but when she rolls over and squints her eyes… you can’t help but just want to squeeze her, and she’s all like “whatever just feed me” …secretly we know, deep down she loves us too. 


Banner image by @forgedinthenorth