Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year

About Us

Why “Patina”

Patina is the name for the wear that develops on the surfaces of things that have been used and loved; like the fade pattern on your favourite pair of jeans, or the marks that develop on a beautiful oak chopping block.

It describes in a very tactile way that this thing has been used and has been loved.

This is our dream for your photographs; that your prints will get dog-eared and your leather album will show the beautiful wear of being pulled out again and again. We want to do our best so that your photos will not only be treasured, but they will also be enjoyed.


Behind the camera

Michelle + Hemi

We meet each other in the summer of 2009, and got married in 2012. Michelle is a self-confessed animal lover (we have a little ginger cat called Simone), and Hemi loves all things nerdy. We are all about getting to know people. As we write this we've just had a week of lunches and dinners with old and new friends, someone has slept here on our couch every night — it’s been great. We've really enjoyed sharing meals and talking about nothing important… but that’s kind-of the point. Just being around people is really valuable. Hemi naturally goes to really deep conversation, Michelle always brings out the weirdest and most wonderful stories you've ever heard.

We've won some pretty cool awards; Michelle has been named NZ Classic Wedding Photographer of the Year and Hemi the Creative Wedding Photographer of the Year by NZIPP, We’ve also picked up Junebug “best of the best” wedding and destination awards multiple times. We feel pretty lucky and incredibly blessed, but we don’t believe these awards are an end in themselves. What we do love is how they've opened up the ability to meet and network really cool people and how they've inspired trust from our couples to make work that matters.


Things We Love



This is our cat Simone. She’s a feisty little ginger girl but when she rolls over and squints her eyes… you can’t help but just want to squeeze her, and she’s all like “whatever just feed me” …secretly we know, deep down she loves us too.


Better Packaging Co.

Sustainable, environmentally conscious packaging is a huge deal and and we love better packaging co. for their home-compostable bags. They look great, have all the same benefits of plastic but are better for the environment and better for our oceans.


George & Edi


Citta Design

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