Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year

About Us

We are wedding photographers + videographers who travel NZ,
capturing all the feels from the greatest party of your life.


Our Philosophy

We believe a wedding is GREATEST PARTY YOU’LL EVER THROW; this idea drives EVERYTHING about our business.

There is no other time in your life when ALL YOUR FAVOURITE PEOPLE will travel from anywhere on earth to be IN ONE PLACE to celebrate with you – we can tell you from experience, that nothing beats the feeling of walking into the room and every person you see is someone YOU LOVE and LOVES YOU back.

There are thousands of articles that will tell you about the latest colours and trends, but the true secret is that GREAT WEDDINGS ARE ALL ABOUT GREAT EXPERIENCES: a fantastic location, food and drink, and most importantly make time to be with people you care about. We’re not Pinterest photographers, we are about realness; about great times in crazy places, about adventures, and about love.


Behind the Camera






Photography + Video

We meet in the Summer of 2009, got married in 2012 and we have been working together ever since. Michelle is a self-confessed animal lover who is not too-cool to squeal out loud whenever she sees a cute dog in a raincoat. Hemi is a planning and creative wizard, whose only weakness is cake. When we founded Patina, all we knew was that the key to a good life was surrounding yourself with a community that embraced the idea that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’, who valued experiences over things, and who knew what it meant to live in the moment and be fully present. Also tacos, tacos are key.

We've won some pretty cool awards; Michelle has been named NZ Classic Wedding Photographer of the Year and Hemi the Creative Wedding Photographer of the Year by NZIPP, We’ve also picked up Junebug “best of the best” wedding and destination awards multiple times. We feel pretty lucky and incredibly blessed, but we don’t believe these awards are an end in themselves. Instead, we love how they've given us opportunities to meet some incredibly talented people, and how they've inspired trust from our couples to make work we believe in.


Things We Love



This is our cat Simone. She’s a feisty little ginger girl, but secretly we know, deep down she loves us too. She brings us so much joy as she sleeps (and sometimes snores!!) in her little crate under the computer - it’s amazing we get any work done at all!


Better Packaging Co.

Sustainable, environmentally conscious packaging is a huge deal and and we love better packaging co. for their home-compostable bags. They look great, have all the same benefits of plastic but are better for the environment and better for our oceans.


George & Edi

The first George and Edi candle I ever got was a Christmas edition, and ever since we have loved how their fragrances are less sweet and have a more complexity than other soy candles. It’s one of our small small luxuries; lighting a G&E candle while we work away in our home office


Citta Design

We love beautiful homeware, and we love great design. Citta really combines these so well - their show home is a constant source of inspiration.

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We’ve always been fascinated by new flavours and local tastes, and so almost by accident, we have been steadily building a cabinet stocked with local gins, and spirits from our travels. We love to experiment, so if your feeling brave, just ask and Hemi will happily mix you a special.



This job has taken us to some amazing places in the world, and we are honestly so grateful for that! And yet the more we travel, the more we realise how lucky we have it in New Zealand! I don’t think we will ever get tired of exploring our incredible coastline, forests or majestic mountain lakes.


Banner image by @forgedinthenorth