Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year








Rach + Cam

There are like a billion reasons why we love Rach & Cam’s wedding:

  • Cam rocking an amazing floral suit (and having his own ceremony entrance!), even though wearing it meant they had to change the original bridesmaid outfits.

  • Rachel riding a skateboard like a badass.

  • The huge flash-mob that involved all the guests storming the first-dance and completely surprised Cam & Rach.

  • The fact that everyone had been secretly practicing for months for said flash-mob wonder.

  • Rach's mum Claire lovingly handmade delicious chutney for each guest.

  • Their day was rich in a sense of community - we loved how Cam’s family showed love and respect by singing the couple a song in Te Reo and gifting them a special Maori blanket.

  • The post-ceremony spontaneous mass group hug - one of the most joyful things we’ve ever seen!

  • Rachel dishing out thoughtful personalised gifts for her girls, her parents and Cam.

  • The smoke machine and lights that totally helped create one of the greatest d-floors ever.

  • Cam & Rach being so playful and up for anything, including scaling hay bales in a wedding dress!

  • The way we would catch Cam just looking and grinning at his new wife.

+ SO MUCH MORE!! So have a scroll and soak-in the magic of this epic party.

The Vendors

Photography: Patina Photo
Videography: Patina Photo
Venue: The Landing at Homebush
Ring/Jewellery: Heather Stephens
Dress: Grace loves Lace
Hair: White Boutique
Florist: Jess Sweden Table Flower Studio
Foodtruck: Crafted and Co
DJ: Dj Anthem
Cake: Sam Feld
Cam’s suit: Top shop Uk
Celebrant: Di Laker
Makeup: Bridget Scanlan