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Hannah + Alex

As I was preparing this blog post, I read back through Hannah and Alex’s initial enquiry, and was stuck by how perfectly it matched their actual day many months later. So instead of me attempting to put in to words just how thoughtful and damn fun their wedding day was, here it is in their own words.

“We're getting married in Wellington, at a chapel called the Futuna Chapel designed by John Scott. Its a heritage building and unlike anything we've seen, we both fell in love with the drama of it and the story behind it and the many gorgeous details.

We wanted a kind of moody winter-ish wedding in the city we both love, the reception is planned at the Vogelmorn Hall which is a little 1920's hall tucked in to the back of brooklyn, it backs on to a lawn for bowls and just feels like a place you want to party. We're envisaging a beautiful night with lots of thoughtful touches (we're both pretty sentimental) with great food, friends and family who are travelling from lots of far away places and a good boogie.”

Nailed it.