Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year








Trish + Jake

"I love the way Trish will dance when she thinks I am not watching, I love her infectious giggle that I find myself laughing with and I love that Trish has the most beautiful heart that always finds the best in everyone (including me). Most of all I love how Trish has always supported me, and my crazy ideas and has always been there for me, from the simple kiss in the morning before work to the hug when we see each other in the evening, Trish is my best friend, who I know I will always be there for me."  —Jake

Trish and Jake wedding was truly bringing together two cultures - they said from the moment they met, "we felt it was meant to be." Their wedding was set in the heart of Brisbane and perfectly balanced both the modern and traditional. They married in a traditional ceremony at the stunning Greek Orthodox church, before heading to Pony Restaurant - one of their favourite eateries - to party long into the night. It was so evident how much they valued family - whether it was Jake sharing a whiskey with his new father-in-law in the morning, or Trish and her sister cutting it on the dancefloor; We felt like every part of Trish and Jake's day reflected them and their values - it was an amazing thing to see and be part of.