Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year








Evelyn + Simon

We softly got lost in the things that would take us away
and we never returned from again.
To us: That was each other.
- Christopher Poindexter

This job takes us to so many wonderful places. Our new tag: 'let's get lost in beautiful places' came out of realising this is what we actually get to do week after week; get lost in these incredible, wild, untamed landscapes, and lost in the connection between couples. There's something pretty incredible about being up in the mountains; snow covering the tips, cold air whipping around your face...

To adventure, explore, and create memories is to us, something that will never get old. So how appropriate is it to share the story of these two. Evelyn and Simon flew around the world all the way from China to have pre-wedding photos among in New Zealand's snow capped mountains. They climbed with us to the top of the remarkable's, and shivered their way through some starry night photos at the of the shoot. They only spoke a little English (though more fluently than we could ever speak Mandarin!). They shared a Ferg Burger with us, and told us about their home, while we all explored ours.

I like to think that we can now count Evelyn and Simon as friends - and I think this is what makes our job so special to us. It's not only about visiting the most beautiful corners of New Zealand (I'd be lying if I said that wasn't exciting), but doing it with these wonderful people and making connections... That. that is what makes it. So yes, we would love to get to know you - and come with us. Let's explore beautiful places together.

Makeup credit: The talented Genevieve from Eve Makeup Artistry