Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year

Album Design Process



We love seeing images printed into an album, it is the perfect way to share your images with the people you love and create an heirloom for the next generation.

An album serves as a beautiful collection of the 'highlights' of the day. We're not trying include every shot taken, but looking out for key moments to summarise the story of the day. So keep this in mind while making your selection - your just looking for a few key moments, and your favourite images.

The 5 steps to our album design process are explained below; so when your are ready, just click the 'get started' button... we can't wait to start putting together your book of dreams!


Choose Images

The first thing we need you to do, is to choose your favourite images so we can begin designing the first draft of your album.


Draft Design

We will start the design of your album and send you the draft layout using our online proofing software.

Once online, you will be able to leave comments so we can make changes to the design. 

Est. time: 3-4 weeks


Make Changes + Approve

You can make up to 3 rounds of changes for a flushmount album, and 1 round of changes for a photobook, at no additional cost.

Once you have approved the final design you just need to choose the album options.


Choose Album Options

You can choose the material type, colour and embossed text for no additional cost.

You will also be able to choose optional add-ons such as copy albums (flushmount albums only)



It can take an average 5-7 weeks to get printed and bound depending on how busy our supplier is.

Once it is printed, we will check it for quality and ship it to you.

Est. time: 5-7 weeks