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Your wedding isn’t the end, it's the beginning of a huge life adventure. We’ve fallen in love with travelling and photographing couples wherever they are, and with the people they care most about.

For us, it is important that we are able to photograph people in a real and authentic way; we love the simpleness of sharing a meal with friends, or the freedom in backpacking across country with nothing but the essentials and great company. These are memories that you want to hold on to forever —they aren’t perfect, they’re usually full of raw, messy emotion; laughter, tears... but they are full of the people you care about and the experiences you want to look back on. These memories form your legacy, they become a part of who you are.

And that’s what our photography is all about: you and the relationships and the people you care about —real love, real people on this wild ride together. So get busy living, make amazing memories and let us help you make an incredible record of the most amazing time in your relationship together.

Michelle + James

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Junebug Best of the Best Wedding Photos 2015

2015 NZIPP Creative & Classic Wedding Photographers of the Year

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