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Photographer Pricing Workbook

Photographer Pricing Workbook


Pricing is one of those things that almost all photographers and creatives struggle with. So that’s why we developed this workbook; To make it simple to figure out the costs of running your photography business, and how to price your products and services to make the salary and profit you want to make.

Requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher

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Pricing is one of those things that almost all photographers and creatives struggle with. Answer this; is your photography pricing…

  • just a made-up figure?

  • based on another photographers pricing?

  • affected by a lack of confidence or self-worth?

  • based on what you could afford to pay?

  • cheap, because no one will book at a higher price?

  • not covering your costs?

If your answer to any of these statements is “yes”, then you are not alone!!!

We know our pricing should be based on what it cost to run our business, but so many of us don’t know how to figure that out; it’s hard and there can be lots of math involved. So that is what this workbook is for —to make figuring your costs and pricing as easy as possible!

You enter your costs to do a photoshoot, the overheads that you need for your business to function (e.g. camera gear!) and the profit or salary you want to make; THEN you can quickly and easily experiment your prices and the number of shoots you want to do to work out your profitability.

We used an old version of this workbook for Patina for about 3 years and found it an instrumental tool to set targets for numbers of shoots to book, the prices we need to charge and also see the places where we can save costs. This version is massively improved to walk you through the process of setting up your pricing, and we added some helpful info to make it more accessible for others to use.

Using the workbook, you can:

  • Experiment with packages and pricing quickly to see how they affect your profit.

  • Input how much you would like to earn and on which schedule (e.g. weekly, fortnightly etc.).

  • Quickly see the number of bookings required to be profitable.

  • One-click enable or disable GST/VAT so you can see how it affects profits.

  • Estimate costs of sale and overheads or optionally break them down in more detail to get more accurate figures.

  • Have flexibility for inputting costs, if they recur monthly, annually or any other frequency.

  • Categorize overhead costs for more detailed information.

This workbook is fast and simple to use, yet powerful enough to quickly give enough accurate feedback so you set your own prices accurately.


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Excel photographer pricing workbook

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