Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year



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Michelle & James
Wife & Husband
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(image by Johanna Macdonald Photography)


We've photographed so much love, but there are a couple of weddings that really stand out to us:

The first one was Amy and Ben. It was pouring with rain on their day. They had put heaps of thought and little touches into everything: like how their grandmother had made the bouquets, everything felt really special and personal. They were just so happy to be surrounded by all their friends. We remember the day before the wedding; after the rehearsal they announced that they’d planned what they could. From then on they were just going to cut loose and enjoy the day no matter what, and it showed: even though it rained on their wedding day they were so at peace with how the day went. At one stage we were like, “Hey, walk through this giant field?” and they’d say “OK, awesome”. They put on their sneakers and were like “let’s go”. It was pretty magical.

The other wedding was on literally the coldest day in Wellington in 100 years. They were getting married on the edge of a cliff amongst this sea of black umbrellas. They loved it and were so excited and happy even though they were freezing. We stuck a water bottle in between them that was ivory coloured so it wouldn't show in the photos. They were turning purple and their hands were getting so cold and they were clutching each other so tight… it was a crazy place to be, yet it made it feel so beautifully romantic, you know. It kind of epitomised the idea of adventure. Here they are doing this crazy thing. Together. Love can do that, you know… make you do wild things. 


Our Wedding

(image by we do photography)


We've been photographing weddings together now for four years, and we've seen enough to know that weddings don’t always go to plan. But every time that happens, you see something even better –it’s like you see the core of what a wedding really is; a couple declaring their love for each other surrounded by the people who really love them.

We reckon the formula for a great wedding is simple: find a cool spot out in nature, grab your best friends and family, declare your love for each other, and then party! When we see people opening up and letting those emotions flow, it inspires us to do our best work.


This is Simone, aka. Ms Fluff


We've been a couple for 7 years, and got married in 2012. We are definitely about getting to know people. As we write this we've just had a week off and we've had so many lunches and dinners with people, and someone staying here like every night, and it’s been great. We've really enjoyed sharing meals and just talking about nothing important… but that’s kind of the point. Just being around people is really valuable. James naturally goes to really deep conversation, Michelle goes to really silly… but we love it –it’s all in the balance.

We've some pretty cool awards; in 2015 Michelle won the NZ Classic Wedding Photographer of the Year and James won the Creative category at the NZIPP Iris awards. We feel pretty lucky and incredibly blessed, but we don’t believe these awards are an end in themselves. What we do love is how they've opened up the ability to meet and network really cool people and how they've inspired trust from our couples to make work that matters.

Lastly, we love our cat, Simone… (Cats are just so cute, we just love them!) She’s a feisty little ginger girl but when she rolls over and squints her eyes… you can’t help but just want to squeeze her, and she’s all like “whatever just feed me” …secretly we know, deep down she loves us too.