Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year

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Make Changes + Approve

Welcome to our online proofing software, we have created a draft design for your photobook and we would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to ask us to add, remove or change any images or layouts. We have found the simplest way to manage this is to go through a few rounds of revisions until we have a design that you are fully happy with approving for print.


How to make one round of changes

  1. Write your comments in the album proofing software. e.g.
    - please replace image 3 with ceremony_032;
    - please make image 2 bigger;
    - can you please show more of the dress in image 4; etc.
  2. We will use these comments to make the changes, or comment back for clarification.
  3. We will send a new album draft for further comments or approval.

You can make 1 round of changes to your photobook for free, you are welcome to make additional rounds of changes too, they are $100 NZD and will be added to the final invoice.


Extra images

Our premium photobooks come with 25 images included, extra images are $19 per image and can be added to the final invoice. Please check our email for how many images this layout includes. You are welcome to add, remove or swap images from this layout.


How to approve the final design

Once you are happy with the design, please click the 'approve' button in the online proofing software to let us know this design is ready to send to the printers.