Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year

Frequently Asked Questions


Wedding Faq

Do you travel?

Yes, all the time!

How many weddings have you shot?

A couple hundred.

How many photos do we get?

We typically deliver between 600 – 800 images from a full-day wedding – each one graded and edited in our unique style.

How long until we see our photos?

We deliver a preview with-in two weeks of the wedding, and complete set within 8-10 weeks.

Can we print our own photos? Can we print through you?

You can absolutely print your own photos, we use a generous creative-commons license, so you can print, copy and share the photos for personal use as much as you want.

If you want to print through us, we offer a range of fine-art albums that we think are simply the best way to re-live and share your wedding.

Is there an easy way to share our photos with our guests?

Yes! We deliver your photos to you via a password protected online gallery that makes it easy for you to share with the people you choose, no matter where they live in the world.

Can we see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely, just ask us when we meet and we will happy show you a full wedding exactly how it was delivered.

Do you bring back up gear?

Always, and lots of it.

Do you have business insurance?


What gear do you shoot with?

We shoot with Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and lenses

How do we pay you? What types of payments do you accept?

You can pay via bank transfer or with a credit card from your client space. All our wedding collections have three payments. The first is due on booking; the second, 6 months before the wedding; and third, 1 month before the wedding.

How do we book you?

We like to meet all our couples before booking – after-all you definitely want a photographer that ‘gets’ you. We then gather the booking details and set you up with your own client space. From here you can sign the contract and make the first payment. Once we’ve received that payment you are fully booked in.

To get started and set up and meeting and please contact us here.


Adventure session faq

How and when will we receive our photos?

It typically takes 4 weeks to deliver the images to the online gallery with a password. From here you can download the high-resolution images from anywhere in the world as often as you wish.

How many images do you deliver? Can we get all the photos?

We deliver a curated selection of images, all of which are edited in our style. We estimate about 30-50 images per hour of photography time, so you can expect approximately 150+ images from a 5 hour adventure session.

We do not deliver all the unedited raw files (the same way a chef gives you a complete meal and not the raw food), however we do deliver high-resolution JPG's that are suitable for printing at any size.

Do you do any special/ extra editing? 

We edit all our images to help make white balance, exposure, cropping consistent. We then make a couple of tweaks to achieve our special 'look'. 

We avoid fake photoshop or airbrushing our images - we prefer a natural look that won't date.