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Ideas for Printing & Displaying Wedding Photos

We are huge fans of getting things made —even the name of our business, Patina, comes from our hope for your photos; that they will show all the signs of being used, and loved. We feel strongly that images are at their best when they are printed so that you can hold them and hang them in your living spaces so they can add a little bit of happiness to your every-day. But we also know how daunting the task can be to know where and how to get these images printed. It’s the reason why we have partnered with some of the best labs in this corner of the world, so that you can print directly from your digital online gallery.

But once they are printed, how do you display them? Here’s a round up of some of the coolest ways we’ve seen for displaying and bringing your photos into your living spaces.



One of our couples framed some little instax polariod prints taken on their wedding day and we loved this idea! Polariods are so fun and simple, and framing them in a little 9up collage like this looks awesome and is great way to preserve and display them.



Thank-you cards are the gateway drug to printing, you can print these through your gallery and then you’ll see how nice it is to hold little prints in your hands and you’ll be itching to print more. Adding a photo to your card is also a fantastic way to share your images with your friends and family and thank them for being involved.



Framing images is a great way to give them an extra level of protection from dust and damage - and a professional framing workshop can even help protect against fading and mold so that images will last for generations.

You can frame a single image and hang it on the wall, but there are also a other options to mix it up.
Some of our favourites are:

  • creating a gallery wall of equal sized frames (6 or 9 work well)

  • a gallery wall of mis-matched frames

Photo:  Parabo Press


We love this option if you're wanting to hang a super large or irregular sized print for more of a poster look. This can often be a more option for hanging really large prints. In theory they hold the print with magnets, but we ended up using screws to make doubly sure the print wasn't going to fall out. ( You can buy these at Country Road) .



These are a great alternative hanging method if you are renting or not wanting to put holes in your walls. A backplate sticks to the wall using 3M tape and then these little dots magnetically hold each corner of the print to the backplate. They are sold in many art shops can give a really cool minimalist look!



Calendars are practical and also a great way to help you enjoy your photos, or great to give to family as a gift. Show case your favourite photos year round with a new photo each month to enjoy.

Photo:  Patina Photo


Wedding photography is all about telling a story and the ultimate way to relive your wedding day is in an album, carefully designed and layed out by your photographer, to show the best photos, in the best order and with a great flow start to finish. But there are also loads of options available for making your own.

Its something tangible you can hold, pass around, and pass down through generations and gains value over time.


Your photos are art, and deserve to be displayed! Don't let them be forgotten or hidden away on a hard drive. Print them, put them in an album! Let them enrich your life! If you are looking for more printing inspo; check out our Pinterest board of printing ideas.

Do you have any printing tips to share? What are your favourite and unique ways to display your photos? Let us know in the comments.

(To see more ideas check out our Pinterest board.)