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Best of the Best Destination Photos 2018

Groom chases bride at sunset - award winning image; Junebug best of the best wedding photos 2018

This image of Roanna + Max was judged one of the 'best of the best' destination photos of 2018 by Junebug weddings. We've been sitting on this news for a few days now, trying to find the words to say... so here's a little ramble of thoughts we want to share.

1. We feel so honoured to be counted among this incredible set of images. Seriously, congratulations to all the artists, and we feel especially proud that a bunch of our friends and peers in New Zealand are also represented among the awarded images! Congratulations!

2. We share this award with Roanna and Max - thank you so much guys for your joy, you are the dream couple - These guys exemplified living in the moment and making the most of their wedding. We just love that this image is a real representation of their wild and free spirit.

3. This competition is a destination image competition, and it's true that New Zealand is rightly seen as a beautiful destination for weddings. But we love that this image wasn't from the Southern mountains, or the miles of stunning coast... it was caputured in Martinborough, our backyard - it reminds us that we can so often overlook the beauty of things that are familiar.

4. We are incredibly lucky to have this job - we could definitely make more money doing something else - but the satisfaction that comes from helping our couples have this amazing record of memories, from the biggest party most will ever throw... it keeps us continually excited to do the best we can for every person.

Here are some of our other favourite destination wedding images from 2018:

UPDATE 2018-09-14:

This image of Jess and Jordon also received an honourable mention

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