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Emma + Liam | Boomrock | Wellington Wedding Photographer

So I want to tell you about Emma and Liam - two of the most awesome people you could ever meet.

Liam is a kickass designer, and Emma is a wickedly talented pole dancer (what a team!) and in our minds, they planned their wedding perfectly: like some kind of crazy adventure.

Picture this: an intimate wedding with just your very closest friends, at probably the most stunning of Wellington venues, on a cliff 200m above the Cook Strait, on the coldest day in a century (literally), in the hail, with a Voon dress that flows like a dream, fur stoles, wool scarves, a toasty fire to thaw your freezing fingers, speeches that have you in stitches, and wild dancing with hula-hoops all the way into the night. This is how you create a wedding story that even your grandchildren will put down their Virtual Reality goggles to listen to.

Emma and Liam, you guys are legends and we are so glad to call you friends.