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2015 Year in Review

This time many years ago James and I wandered into a grassy field notebooks in hand, to think about the future, to dream, make some goals and future plans.

We were dating at the time, and while I always thought James was a little intense about things, I also kinda loved it (secretly I was thinking, "the future? Ek!"). Looking ahead scared me. I thought my dreams were just that, dreams. Things I was never going to achieve. So I wrote as small as I possibly could squashed up in the corner of the page, hoping he wouldn't see what I’d written and laugh. But he didn't laugh, and he’s never laughed, only pushed, challenged, and encouraged me to better myself month after month, year after year. 

Years later those dreams weren't so silly after all, in fact I could have dreamed bigger. I've achieved them all, and bunch more things I could never have imagined. My dreams back then were: to do well at uni, to overcome my depression, to do something that mattered and made people feel something, to make money out of photography (not for the sake of making money, but that people would value the work I made enough to pay for it).

And while I never wrote it down I dreamed to do something creative with James, (which I thought was totally ridiculous as he was way to busy pursuing architecture at the time). "Hope is an unapologetic belief that life is beautiful," became my personal mantra at the time, and it still is. Every time I pick up my camera I know that I can capture things that would otherwise be missed (hence our new little tag – live, love. We help you remember).

So it is with huge gratitude that I look back over this year, to all of the things James and I have achieved together! And the truly wonderful people we've meet and done life with along the way. Because really truly, no one achieves anything solely by themselves.

Here are some of my highlights from the last 12 months:

  •  Our incredible couples – for trusting us with your precious memories, inviting us into your world for this one day, and for bringing us all over New Zealand with you.
  • Iris awards – winning wedding photographer of the year was an honour I never expected, only made sweeter by the fact that I get to share the title with my husband.
  • Beating the pneumonia that set in this winter. Take that!
  • Starting Novella and having the freedom to take it in whatever direction this personal journey leads us.
  • Building Your Wellington Wedding; a super cool wedding planning service with some of Wellington’s greatest.
  • A bit more soul, where I meet some incredible friends, and feel truly supported by our wonderful international photographic community. 

Thanks 2015, its been fun. Hello 2016.