Patina Photo: New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year








Zealandia Wedding: Tamsyn & Chris

These two are some of the most beautiful people I've met, inside and out - just so chilled out and awesome. 

There were so many things to love about this wedding that its hard to know where to start, and wouldn't fit if I could! So I'll just list a few favorite things...

  • The sweet little glances they gave each other all day long
  • The fact that Tamsyn and Chris made their own invites, and themed their wedding around the colours of hyrdrengas. And how stunning is her dress??
  • We loved that Tamsyn allowed time in the morning to do some photos with her mum and bridesmaids.
  • There was a pretty cheerful duck, who seemed to like to get involved in the ceremony.
  • guests traveled from all over, one groomsman from Cambodia!
  • That Tamsyn and Chris really are explorers and took a 20 minute bush walk on their wedding day out to take photos at the dam, Tamsyn changed into some jandals and led the pack of us out to the damn and swing bridge.



Venue: Zealandia
Celebrant: Paul Jackson
Flowers: Kristin's Florist
Cake: Alison Austin
Dress: Brides on Thorndon
Hair and makeup: Charmaine's on Royal