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Angus Inn Wedding: Hilary and Adam

Hilary and Adam blog post57.jpg
so many people in the world... they’ll never know love, like my love for you... so many people in the world yet you love me.
— Stephen Sondheim

It had been said at the rehearsal that Hilary and Adam really ought to have been born in the 50s. I've been excited about this wedding from the moment they said those three words that would make any photographers heart leap for joy; "Art Deco Wedding".

From the moment I arrived (with Hilary's makeup artists, Belle Rouge, hard at work doing very elaborate finger waves and pin curls), to the cute little ceremony in Taita's Christ Church, to the delicious spread of food at the Angus Inn - this wedding was gorgeous!

But it wasn't just the beautiful singing, the stunning dresses, or the handmade favors - it was the love in Adam & Hilary's eyes when they would look at each other - it was the love that made this a timeless wedding.