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To be Beautiful

When was the last time you looked in the mirror or at a picture of yourself and felt proud? Why is it so hard to believe a complement? We are always asking, 'am I ok? am I enough?' ...when the answer is always YES! This is what motivates me - I want to take all the beauty I see in people and present it back to them.

So on that note let me introduce you to, the beautiful, Jordyn.

When I presented these photos to her, her response was, "I don't normally say this sort of thing, but I'm really proud of myself." Pure. Gold. She had been nervous of doing the photoshoot, we all would be, 'what if I don't like what I see?' . But sometimes I think if we could only let go a little, if we could reach out, we might hear the voice that says you are beautiful. Sometimes I think we just need to give ourselves permission to shine.

So Jordyn, thank you for taking a chance, I hope you can see: you are beautiful.

Watch look out for this girl - she'll go far.