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Date Day Hawkes Bay

Our resolution this year is to build healthy routines. A new business is extremely exciting - it also completely consumes your world. I've talked with, interviewed, and read the biographies of enough successful people to know that its not at all uncommon for a business to ruin a marriage. This will not be us. I love this business but my wife comes first. I strongly believe resolutions like this won't just happen, you make it happen, so we are building this resolution into our lifestyle.

Once, along the way, I heard some incredible relationship advice -- I wish I knew who to thank, sadly that part of my memory escapes me -- but the advice went something like this:

For the health of your marriage put aside this time for just each other:
One hour every night
One night every week
One day every month
One weekend every year

We've logged our monthly date day in our Google Calendars so it's there in (digital) writing. For a whole day - the emails can wait, the phones can go to answer-phone, we won't book any shoots. We will breathe, we will shake out the stress-balls, and we enjoy being married.


So why am I telling you, dear reader, all this? Well. Before the new year I was reading Buster Benson's blog, where he had suggested some rules for resolutions. His third rule is what this blog is all about. 

3. Get some accountability.

We want to be accountable to you. We will post photos from our previous date date on the 1st of every month (which conveniently is also our wedding anniversary) as a kind of pics-or-it-didn't-happen proof.

I hope this doesn't sound like a snobby thing. We're not aiming to show our best pictures, we want to show you our real pictures, spaz hair and all. And secretly I hope it might even inspire someone else to do similar. And if they do, I hope they share it with me to encourage me to love my wife even more.

So here we are: January's date day in Hawke's Bay