2015 in review

Please help us out with your honesty - we wish you an awesome 2016 and a happy marriage!

What was the FIRST PLACE you went to look for a photographer?
How did you END UP finding us?
What was the most important factor when choosing between your photographer options?
What was the final reason you ultimately chose us over another photographer?
If you have actively referred people to Patina, why do you tell your friends they should hire us?
If you have NOT actively referred Patina to people, what prevents you from doing so?
During your overall experience with Patina, did you perceive us to be:
Multichoice Scale
Multichoice Scale
We had a great experience with Patina
Communication was clear
We felt like we could trust Patina throughout the process
We are happy with the photos we received
We fell like we received more value than the price we paid