12 Timing tips No One Ever told you

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We always say the key to a fun and relaxed wedding is to allow lots of time for everything, even if it means doing less. We've found that putting together a timeline that has buffers of time built in, helps the day go smoothly and means there is room to be present for the spontaneous things you never could've planned for. So we've put together a list of our top timing tips over on Medium.com such as this one:

Make time after the ceremony to be with your guests. There will always be a couple of people who are just bursting with excitement for you on your wedding day (and so they should be!). Make some time for them so their infectious bubbliness has a beautiful outlet. A good half-hour straight after the ceremony and before family + group portraits should do the trick so they have time to give you a squeeze and share in the celebration with you.

And there are many more, covering every part of the day from getting ready to reception. We hope they will help your day run without a hitch so you can spend more time having fun with the people you love. Pop over and have a read!